about me...

Since escaping London a year ago and settling in rural Herefordshire my work has changed as much as my appreciation for the smaller, but altogether more real things in life. I’m always inspired by what’s around me. In London, I painted my friends on the cabaret circuit; clowns, actors, dancers and singers. My gaze was fixed firmly upon the dishevelled glamour of electric lights, grease paint, plastic flowers and colourful tinselled costumes. In Herefordshire, I’ve found myself fascinated with a different and all together smaller kind of feathered performer!  As well as birds, moths and the wonderful Herefordshire landscape, I take great joy in living a life which is far more aligned with the seasons than could ever be achieved in London. I grow my own food and watch with excitement the subtle changes that occur throughout the year. I’ve swapped seeing sun rises reflected off dirty glass windows whilst walking home from a night out for the enjoyment of rising early to watch fresh dappled light through leafy green trees and the sound of birdsong.

I work from my small home studio, quietly nestled in the middle of a nature reserve, as well as enjoying taking my easel outside into the elements. My work can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of years to complete. I often return again and again to my pieces over a long period of time and thought.

When I’m not busy at my easel I work as a theatre Costume Supervisor.  Past productions I’ve costumed include Emilia (Shakespeare’s Globe), Barber Shop Chronicles (National Theatre), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time (National Theatre), The Maids (Trafalgar Studios), My Brilliant Friend (The Rose), Evening at the Talk House (National Theatre), Les Blancs (National Theatre), This House (National Theatre and Chichester Festival Theatre) and Love (National Theatre)to name but a few.